We offer 3 different services for you to worship with us.

Traditional Service: 8:30 am

This service is led in a more traditional way with Hymns and an organist.

Contemporary Service: 10:30 am

Worship is led with a band and more contemporary music. The sermon has notes and a powerpoint to follow along with.

bYg Church: 10:30 am

Worship is in the sanctuary with the Contemporary Service, then we head downstairs for an experiential service for all ages. Come and experience community and fellowship in a personal way.

Plus, we offer Adult Sunday School! 9:40 am every Sunday
downstairs in the Fireplace Room. we will lead a Bible Study on topical issues. A good time to read & discuss.
ALL welcome!

Come Worship with us!

Sunday’s at 8:30am & 10:30am

We can all use some help when it comes to relationships, and God’s Word offers some fantastic help in this area. During the months of October and November we will be participating together in a message series titled,
“You’re Driving Me Nuts: The Ins and Outs of Managing Relationships.”

This series will be designed to helpful to anyone who relationships with other human beings…so in short it is for everyone.

The series will unfold as follows…

Nov. 4 — “Breaking Free from Abuse.”

                 Sacrament of Holy Communion

Nov. 11 — “Escaping the People-Pleasing Trap”.. living for the right things.

                   Texts: Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, Job 2:11-13

After both services: a brief Congregational Meeting to vote on membership applications.

Nov. 18 — “The Solution for Toxic Faith: Less Religion and More Jesus”
                   Dealing with religion that’s off the deep end.

After both services: a brief Congregational Meeting to vote on membership applications.

Nov. 25 — “Keeping the ‘Nuts’ from Driving You Nuts”...
                a final word on dealing with difficult people

We welcome new members today.

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