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Our Sunday morning Children’s worship time (KIDCHURCH) has been going great since September 24, 2006. It’s amazing that we’ve been doing our weekly activities and lessons for over 6 years! We are only able to continue each year because of the gracious attitudes of our KIDCHURCH leaders. For those of you who are new to Bethesda or new to KIDCHURCH, we use the program: 252 Basics (from Luke 2:52). Each month we explore a new “virtue.”  

We’d love to have more kids in the 3-year-old to 5th grade group come to KIDCHURCH each Sunday. It’s fun and they learn so much about the Christian faith.

The children launch into a meaningful time of worship and teaching in a large group setting. The leaders engage children 
in songs and motions that will get kids out of their chairs and 
praising God. They then present Bible lessons that are creative, 
interactive, and relevant.

After the large group lesson, children go into small groups 
with other kids their age. During this time, they apply the lesson they learned to their own lives. This is a fun time with 
discussion, crafts, games, and prayer. In small groups, children build friendships with their adult teachers and other kids their 
own age. 

Each year our team works to provide experiences for children 
in Kindergarten through 5th grade. These events gather kids
to celebrate life and build memories as we journey together 
towards knowing God. 


We meet every Sunday
during the school year.

Led by Anthony Clerkin and
other leaders.

We sing all different kinds of songs for worship; some praise, other about God’s love and even some that are just silly
and fun.

What ages? 3 to 5 year olds

Who’s my teacher?

It changes every few months

How many kids are

in my class?  5

What do we do?

All sorts of things, from play time to crafts and lessons about God.

What ages?

1st grade to 5th grade

Who’s my teacher?

Every grade has a different teacher

How many kids are

in my class?   15

What do we do?

All sorts of things, crafts, games and lessons about God, even snacks.


…in KIDCHURCH we hope OUR kids would begin
to question and to
grow in wisdom and stature through their experiences here at Bethesda. Praise God for what He’s already done in the lives of our children.

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